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Full service for your marketing with just one contact person

Consulting and implementation:
Hand in hand!

At Marketing Mittelrhein, we rely on fixed consulting and cooperation. To this end, we agree fixed monthly fees that do not fluctuate. Part of the service is always marketing consulting and project management, which includes the coordination of all activities (also outside of our services). This means that you have a permanent "external employee" who takes care of your communication as well as coordination with your booth builder or printshop. You can concentrate fully on your goals.

Beratung und Umsetzung:
Hand in Hand!

Bei Marketing Mittelrhein setzen wir auf eine feste Beratung und Zusammenarbeit. Dazu vereinbaren wir feste monatliche Honorare, die nicht schwanken. Teil der Leistung ist dabei immer die Marketingberatung und das Projektmanagement, welches die Koordinierung aller Aktivitäten (auch außerhalb unserer Leistung) umfasst. So haben Sie einen festen "externen Mitarbeiter", der sich um Ihre Kommunikation, aber auch um die Koordination mit Ihrem Messebauer oder Ihrer Druckerei kümmert. Sie können sich dabei voll auf Ihre Ziele konzentrieren.

Basic modules:
Consulting and project management in marketing

The basic modules are an integral part of every collaboration at Marketing Mittelrhein. These modules ensure that we use your marketing in a target-oriented and therefore efficient manner. The modules cover strategic marketing work and project management.

  • A fixed contact person
  • Coordination also of external service providers
  • Honest & open consultation

Consulting and strategy

All good marketing starts with a solid plan. You can develop your strategy with your contact person either in a workshop or in a concept and evaluate it regularly.

Workshop at the start of the collaboration

A workshop is the ideal way to get started quickly. Target group, goals and positioning can be discussed together. This gives us in-depth insights and you can actively set the guidelines for your marketing.

Strategy development

We use the initial input to develop your individual concept, which also takes into account the creative approach of the target group. This strategy is then adapted and expanded over the course of the collaboration based on the data and experience gained.

Regular meetings and consultations

To ensure that your marketing can be continuously optimized, we discuss the next steps in regular meetings and evaluate the success together.

Project management

Good marketing depends on good organization. You can rely on our experienced project management to ensure that nothing gets lost.

Project planning

In marketing, different activities often build on each other creatively. Our project management takes these links into account and plans your marketing efficiently in terms of time.

Coordination & handling

We keep our promise to work with a fixed contact person right to the end. We also coordinate third-party services such as 3D, printing or advertising for you after our work.

Performance modules:
Content meets performance - and looks good too!

This is where your marketing gets its creative direction! Together, we design a package of useful and complementary service modules. This allows us to achieve the right goals with your marketing without taking too many wrong steps. Contact us to identify the right service modules for you!

  • Experts for every sub-discipline
  • Large network for external orders such as printing or 3D
  • Modern and appealing marketing activities for your company

Content marketing

B2B brands never just sell a product. Even where companies trade, people work together. It is therefore important to build trust. This can be achieved with content marketing.

Social Media

Stay close to your target group by being present on the right channels. Use the channels that really help you. We can help you select and use the right channels: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok.


In addition to email marketing, up-to-date, authentic communication is also crucial here. Newsletters keep stakeholders up to date and can be presented in an appealing way thanks to HTML formatting.

Public relations

Journalism is an important part of the way we work. With over 1,000 press contacts, we always find the right media for your presentation.

Social media video marketing

Decision-makers want to see more videos too! Take advantage of this with short and concise video presentations for your stakeholders. We create social media-ready 9:16 content for your B2B and employer topics.

Visual marketing

You always eat with your eyes. Even in B2B decision-making processes or when choosing a new employer. Make your brand sexy.

Layout and media design

Despite more and more digital possibilities, print products such as brochures convey an important message: value, longevity and intensive experiences.

Visualization & drawings

No more stock photos and Freepik. Use individual sketches, 3D animations and more to give your brand an individual touch.

Photos & Videos

In the context of overall marketing, longer explanatory videos and promotional films are the perfect way to draw attention to yourself with expertise and approachability. High-quality photos underline the focus of your corporate brand.

Online marketing

As a B2B brand or employer, there is no way around an online presence. Use the digital possibilities to showcase your brand.


With websites and landing pages, we create the impressions your target group needs. Instead of just creating digital business cards, use your websites to build strong relationships with your target group.

Email marketing

Many companies underestimate the power of email. Stay in personal contact with your target group, collect feedback and offer exclusive insights.

Online advertising

Help your brand achieve your goals faster by placing targeted advertising. Based on patterns of interest and behavior, you can reach the right people quickly and efficiently.

Satisfied partners

Let's strengthen your brand together and work towards your goals. Many B2B and employer brands already rely on Marketing Mittelrhein. When will you start?


Those we can help

Industrial companies

Industry is a heavyweight of the German economy. Many SMEs are hardly known to the "average consumer", but are important players in the supply chains for various products. In marketing for international industrial companies, we focus on a strong brand. In this way, we build trust with suppliers and customers and strengthen perception in our own industry. Thanks to our journalistic background, we familiarize ourselves with your processes and products in order to explain your value creation process to outsiders in an understandable way.

Manufacturing industry

In addition to industrial companies, many companies in the manufacturing sector also rely on Marketing Mittelrhein. Good relationships with suppliers and partners are essential for a smooth production process. We therefore rely on approachable and down-to-earth communication on various channels. This makes you as a supplier more open, transparent and understandable for your target group. Thanks to a fixed contact person, we can respond quickly to spontaneous requests and support you in your day-to-day business.


Whether automotive supplier, technology development or car wash: the automotive industry offers many specialists for different fields. A broad range of experience provides you with a solid foundation for your marketing. Complex issues need to be explained clearly and procedures and processes need to be communicated clearly. We help you to clearly highlight your positioning in the supply chain and present yourself as a strong partner.


There is hardly any other industry that is as severely affected by the lack of skilled workers as the healthcare sector. Whether medical care centers, hospitals or service providers for the healthcare sector. Many projects have given our team a broad knowledge of the positioning of employers in the healthcare sector. Various experiences in the marketing of offers in the healthcare sector, such as e-health applications, will also help you to present yourself correctly on the market.

Fire safety

Companies need to protect themselves against risks. This is especially true in the area of fire protection, as few companies survive the loss caused by a fire. From fire department marketing to fire protection training, Marketing Mittelrhein has a broad knowledge base to help you market your fire protection products and services.


What our customers say

SSB Neuwied


We have been a customer since the beginning and are very satisfied! Great, friendly, serious and reliable team. The cooperation is very uncomplicated and the results are delivered promptly.

NHZM Mittelrhein


The creation of our new company website, including the application process, worked really well. Fast, uncomplicated and friendly. The price/performance ratio seems fair to me. I would recommend this company to others.

Stormguards GmbH


Marketing Mittelrhein is an excellent marketing agency! Their team is extremely competent and always delivers high-quality results. Working with Benedikt Wolter and his team is pleasant and professional. I can recommend them without reservation!

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