Long-term partnerships are our best argument.

Many of our customers are long-standing partners. Together, we continue to develop your marketing. After all, marketing and communication is a process that has to adapt to constantly changing conditions.

Our agency references

As an agency for B2B and employer brands, we have been working with clients from various sectors for many years. We mainly work with partners from industry, manufacturing, healthcare and the fire protection sector. As we always start every partnership, regardless of the sector, with intensive research, we are always happy to receive new inquiries! A special industry focus is also our work for NGOs and associations. Here we are particularly active in internal association and political communication.

Unfortunately, we cannot list and show all our references here. Please feel free to ask us for a personal meeting to give you further, exciting insights into our work.

B2B-Marketing in fire protection

Training and service provider in fire protection

SSB Neuwied is a long-standing partner of Marketing Mittelrhein. Read more about the digitalization of communication, the development of measurability and the retention of existing customers through communication.

Employer brand in the healthcare sector

Regional hospital of the upper standard care

Within just 3 months, we were able to work with the DRK hospital in Neuwied to recruit over 10 new employees. The budget spent to date was reduced and employees were involved in the marketing process.

Recruiting in voluntary work

Recruiting members for the fire department

How do you get young people excited about volunteering? Well, with TikTok! Together with the Rhineland-Palatinate Fire Brigade Association, we have launched a new 9:16 campaign and are inspiring numerous users for the many facets of the fire department.

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