B2B Marketing

Successful branding and marketing for B2B companies

3,6 x

customers remain loyal to a strong brand for longer.

70 %

of consumers prefer to read articles from a company rather than receive advertising from it.

79 %

of customers prefer to click on ads that match the current context of their experience.

Communication creates trust. Trust creates business.

There are plenty of agencies that promise you the holy grail, guarantee thousands of new customer inquiries or think they can achieve anything with a small advertising budget. We want to take you to the next level and establish your company as a brand. Because: with a clear vision, a stringent message and a strong brand, your marketing will become a long-term success. Customers trust your name, employees speak well of you and recommendations ensure the closest customer relationships. The best advertising can only provide a short-term boost, but you can achieve such a lasting effect primarily with one adjusting screw: brand communication and branding.

Whether visual, auditory or textual communication. Communication creates trust and trust creates business. That is the simple formula behind good marketing. But how do we go about it?

Advantages of a strong brand

There are many reasons why B2B companies rely on branding. Because as a company, sales is not everything. Your own brand needs awareness, trust and a clear image. This is where strategic marketing helps!

Even if you are aiming for B2B business between companies, there are many people behind every company. Win them over with a strong, authentic brand and convince them of your mission. This is how you turn B2B customers into loyal partners.

Brands create

Win the people behind the company. Build lasting relationships through open communication and an emotional brand.

Good marketing is like
good insurance

Every company can fall on hard times. If relationships have been built up through good marketing, your stakeholders will remain loyal to you even in difficult times.

Convinced customers

Convincing, communicative marketing builds trust. With this advance, your sales process will gain a boost.

360-degree support for your marketing with just one contact person.

After the strategic positioning of your marketing, you can sit back and relax. You clarify the project plan with your contact person and our large network of experts from the various specialist areas takes care of the rest. This means you receive comprehensive marketing, bundled in one contact person.

How we work in B2B marketing

1) Focus on your goals

The first step is the strategic groundwork. In initial research, we assess your market, look at the competition, suppliers and other stakeholders. We then agree on the final direction of your brand in a joint workshop or in the design phase: positioning, direction and creative implementation.

2) Convincing approach to the target group

Quality is now required in the implementation: instead of promotional postings, we focus on a broad communicative orientation. We bring topics that really matter to your target group and work them up in such a way that they are visually convincing.

3) Continuous optimization

Marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. And no strategy is perfect right from the start. That's why we use regular evaluations and joint jour fixes to continue working on the optimal strategy for you.

Our tools for your B2B brand



  • Online-Marketing

Content and communication

In communications, we bring your brand to life. We research exciting industry topics and trends in, around and outside your company. From this, we develop individual B2B communication that is tailored to your offering and your company's character. This allows your visibility to grow sustainably and organically.

We use channels such as social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, ...), YouTube, your blog or your own magazines.


Those we can help

Industrial companies

Industry is a heavyweight of the German economy. Many SMEs are hardly known to the "average consumer", but are important players in the supply chains for various products. In marketing for international industrial companies, we focus on a strong brand. In this way, we build trust with suppliers and customers and strengthen perception in our own industry. Thanks to our journalistic background, we familiarize ourselves with your processes and products in order to explain your value creation process to outsiders in an understandable way.

Manufacturing industry

In addition to industrial companies, many companies in the manufacturing sector also rely on Marketing Mittelrhein. Good relationships with suppliers and partners are essential for a smooth production process. We therefore rely on approachable and down-to-earth communication on various channels. This makes you as a supplier more open, transparent and understandable for your target group. Thanks to a fixed contact person, we can respond quickly to spontaneous requests and support you in your day-to-day business.


Whether automotive supplier, technology development or car wash: the automotive industry offers many specialists for different fields. A broad range of experience provides you with a solid foundation for your marketing. Complex issues need to be explained clearly and procedures and processes need to be communicated clearly. We help you to clearly highlight your positioning in the supply chain and present yourself as a strong partner.


There is hardly any other industry that is as severely affected by the lack of skilled workers as the healthcare sector. Whether medical care centers, hospitals or service providers for the healthcare sector. Many projects have given our team a broad knowledge of the positioning of employers in the healthcare sector. Various experiences in the marketing of offers in the healthcare sector, such as e-health applications, will also help you to present yourself correctly on the market.

Fire safety

Companies need to protect themselves against risks. This is especially true in the area of fire protection, as few companies survive the loss caused by a fire. From fire department marketing to fire protection training, Marketing Mittelrhein has a broad knowledge base to help you market your fire protection products and services.


What our customers say

SSB Neuwied


We have been a customer since the beginning and are very satisfied! Great, friendly, serious and reliable team. The cooperation is very uncomplicated and the results are delivered promptly.

NHZM Mittelrhein


The creation of our new company website, including the application process, worked really well. Fast, uncomplicated and friendly. The price/performance ratio seems fair to me. I would recommend this company to others.

Stormguards GmbH


Marketing Mittelrhein is an excellent marketing agency! Their team is extremely competent and always delivers high-quality results. Working with Benedikt Wolter and his team is pleasant and professional. I can recommend them without reservation!

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