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One Contact Person, Many Experts. Get to know us!

More than just marketing blah-blah.

Someone else can simply sell you a few advertisements. If you want to work with us, then only in a partnership.
As an agency, we see ourselves more as your business partner who is just as interested in the success of your company as you are.
If this partnership is missing, we are the wrong people for you. This is precisely why we start every new collaboration with a strategy meeting,
in which both sides can weigh up whether a collaboration is a good fit.

Just plain talk?

Sounds like plain talk to you? We're sorry to disappoint you.
In fact, experience has taught us that marketing works best when you work together towards the same goals.
If this doesn't happen on an equal footing, trouble arises and the result deteriorates.
That's why we tell it like it is: if no common ground can be found in the strategy meeting,
we will not work with you. Believe us, this is to the benefit of both sides.

What is important to us

Our values

Focus is the maxim of our work, partnership is our greatest asset. As a B2B marketing agency, we focus almost exclusively on sustainable, long-term partnerships. With a fixed contact person and a fixed monthly fee, we can concentrate on your progress together.

We for you, you for us.

Success requires partnership. We want to rely on you and you can rely on us. Even at 3 a.m. if necessary.

Transparent is the new black.

We give you full insight into the process. So you always know what is happening. But we also need full transparency in order to make the right decisions.

Honesty lasts the longest.

Embellishments won't get you or us anywhere. We are ruthlessly honest with you, even if it hurts. And please be honest with us too.

Expertise wherever you look

Instead of offering you a box of tricks, we rely on experts. We draw on a broad pool of experts from whom the quality of your marketing always benefits.


It's what strategy is all about: focus. Only with the right focus can you find things that no one else knows about and create ideas that give you a head start.


Nobody is perfect and there is no such thing as final satisfaction for us. We always want to tickle out one more percentage point and are constantly trying to optimize the result.

Many experts, one team.

Partnership is not only important to us with customers, but also within the team. Founded in 2018 as a project by two students, we have realized in many moments full of ups and downs that you have to rely on each other. We live this principle in our team: instead of relying on "all-rounders", we employ experts: experts in journalism, marketing concepts or design. We rely on our own employees and permanent freelancers, but also on agency cooperations. Our focus is always on the strategic management of your brand in order to strengthen it over time and make it more visible. Our focus on B2B and employer marketing is primarily the result of our team's journalistic background: we enjoy researching new industries. And not just via Google, but with the help of job shadowing, employee interviews and expert discussions. That's why our team consists primarily of open-minded, interested experts with individual areas of expertise.

Get to know us - it will be worth it!

The Marketing Mittelrhein team

Benedikt Wolter

Managing Director

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Juliana Worst

Project Management & Advertising

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Sandra Schäfer

Account Manager

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Kim Müller

Teamlead Content

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Suela Hasani


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Emma Röttig


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Marvin Best

Graphic design

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Rolf Müller


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