Your agency with the focus on the most important aspects:

Your success!

Focused marketing planning meets a communicative approach: this describes your collaboration with Marketing Mittelrhein. Instead of offering you 100 hit-and-miss marketing solutions, we rely on focus: focus on your goals, your target group and your success.

Instead of promising you quick, short-term results, we concentrate on the communicative development of your brand. In this way, we sustainably strengthen your stakeholder relationships and get people talking about you in the long term. Combined with performance marketing, this results in a sustainable, long-term approach.


Founded in 2018, Marketing Mittelrhein quickly became an important contact for many B2B companies and employers in the region. With a journalistic background, the focus has always been on convincing communication. This is how our orientation came about: B2B marketing and employer brands, strategically focused and communicatively open to the target group. The Marketing Mittelrhein team now comprises around 10 experts who take care of your marketing. With partners and freelancers, you have access to a pool of over 30 experts.

Why choose Marketing Mittelrhein?

Your benefits when you work with us:

Strategic marketing approach instead of just pursuing individual activities.
A dedicated contact person for your questions!
Sustainable, communicative brand development for a long-term effect.
Experienced project management that takes care of everything from the idea to implementation.
Cooperation based on partnership focusing on your progress.
Fixed monthly rates so that we can concentrate on your success.



In marketing, it is essential to keep the focus. Too many companies get lost in the activities. But where do you want to go as a B2B brand? Which target groups are you addressing? Our collaboration always begins with a strategy workshop or conception. Because only those who have a plan can later evaluate whether they are successful. Our strategy is complemented by fixed project management. With a dedicated contact person and clear project management, you can sit back and relax. Make Marketing Mittelrhein your external marketing department!

Our portfolio


The core objective of every SME is to generate more sales and increase profits. But business is based on trust! To create this trust, companies need a strong and clear brand. Let us build a brand that supports your sales, binds customers to you and convinces prospective customers. Harness the power of a strong brand!

Recruiting employees

Even the highest revenue is of no use to an business if it can no longer provide its services in full. However, this is happening more and more frequently in times of a lack of skilled workers. Headhunters and numerous advertised positions usually do not bring the desired return either. However, with a cleverly positioned employer brand that focuses on the needs of applicants, you can hold your own in the battle for workers. This can be achieved with a strong positioning, high recognition value and transparent communication.

What is important to us

Our values

Focus is the maxim of our work, partnership is our greatest asset. As a B2B marketing agency, we focus almost exclusively on sustainable, long-term partnerships. With a fixed contact person and a fixed monthly fee, we can concentrate on your progress together.

We for you, you for us.

Success requires partnership. We want to rely on you and you can rely on us. Even at 3 a.m. if necessary.

Transparent is the new black.

We give you full insight into the process. So you always know what is happening. But we also need full transparency in order to make the right decisions.

Honesty lasts the longest.

Embellishments won't get you or us anywhere. We are ruthlessly honest with you, even if it hurts. And please be honest with us too.

Expertise wherever you look

Instead of offering you a box of tricks, we rely on experts. We draw on a broad pool of experts from whom the quality of your marketing always benefits.


It's what strategy is all about: focus. Only with the right focus can you find things that no one else knows about and create ideas that give you a head start.


Nobody is perfect and there is no such thing as final satisfaction for us. We always want to tickle out one more percentage point and are constantly trying to optimize the result.


Those we can help

Industrial companies

Industry is a heavyweight of the German economy. Many SMEs are hardly known to the "average consumer", but are important players in the supply chains for various products. In marketing for international industrial companies, we focus on a strong brand. In this way, we build trust with suppliers and customers and strengthen perception in our own industry. Thanks to our journalistic background, we familiarize ourselves with your processes and products in order to explain your value creation process to outsiders in an understandable way.

Manufacturing industry

In addition to industrial companies, many companies in the manufacturing sector also rely on Marketing Mittelrhein. Good relationships with suppliers and partners are essential for a smooth production process. We therefore rely on approachable and down-to-earth communication on various channels. This makes you as a supplier more open, transparent and understandable for your target group. Thanks to a fixed contact person, we can respond quickly to spontaneous requests and support you in your day-to-day business.


Whether automotive supplier, technology development or car wash: the automotive industry offers many specialists for different fields. A broad range of experience provides you with a solid foundation for your marketing. Complex issues need to be explained clearly and procedures and processes need to be communicated clearly. We help you to clearly highlight your positioning in the supply chain and present yourself as a strong partner.


There is hardly any other industry that is as severely affected by the lack of skilled workers as the healthcare sector. Whether medical care centers, hospitals or service providers for the healthcare sector. Many projects have given our team a broad knowledge of the positioning of employers in the healthcare sector. Various experiences in the marketing of offers in the healthcare sector, such as e-health applications, will also help you to present yourself correctly on the market.

Fire safety

Companies need to protect themselves against risks. This is especially true in the area of fire protection, as few companies survive the loss caused by a fire. From fire department marketing to fire protection training, Marketing Mittelrhein has a broad knowledge base to help you market your fire protection products and services.


What our customers say

SSB Neuwied


We have been a customer since the beginning and are very satisfied! Great, friendly, serious and reliable team. The cooperation is very uncomplicated and the results are delivered promptly.

NHZM Mittelrhein


The creation of our new company website, including the application process, worked really well. Fast, uncomplicated and friendly. The price/performance ratio seems fair to me. I would recommend this company to others.

Stormguards GmbH


Marketing Mittelrhein is an excellent marketing agency! Their team is extremely competent and always delivers high-quality results. Working with Benedikt Wolter and his team is pleasant and professional. I can recommend them without reservation!

Get to know us!

Let's arrange a non-binding appointment to get to know each other. In advance, we will look at your company from the outside and talk about possible optimization points. Whether it's B2B marketing or recruiting, you can find out more about your marketing opportunities in the initial meeting, without any obligations.